About Me

Gina Lujan – Entrepreneur, Spiritualist, Survivor, Overcomer. Mom, Wife, and Lover Of God

Gina Lujan

Hello, I am Gina. So nice to meet you. I am a woman of God, mom, and wife first. By day I am a Professional and Entrepreneur and my passion is humanity. I love people and Jesus. I am not religious but I do believe in the words and life of JC, as well as the teachings of Siddartha, the first Buddha. I am a Certified Reiki Practioner and Meditation Instructor.

My Story

I am a Mom of 6. I left home very early and took the 4 wheel drive approach to life. Having taken the road less traveled, I was blessed to have encountered Angels, stardust, dark comedy, and God along the way. I truly believe in magic and miracles. I am a survivor, an overcomer, a Boss Lady, and a warrior of God these days. I hope you find my learnings and my candid take on life helpful in your journey. Namaste and God Bless.

What can I humbly offer you are my takeaways from this thing called life.
I am a Spiritualist with a strong entrepreneurial background who has immense intuition and a loving open cosmic heart.

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I offer sessions in person or via telecommunication. Reiki, Tarot, Spiritual Counseling, intuitive bodywork, meditation, entrepreneurial advice with some magic dust and corporate Design Thinking workshops with some Zen.