How to get through traffic without losing your shit

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Ever have those mornings that you get up and you are feeling great? You meditated, you stretched, you wrote your affirmations and you feel like you can conquer the day with the quotes you just read on a meme.

You got your coffee in your hand and the sun is shining bright. You jump into your car and you pop on your favorite beats. Good energy music is jammin, you are singing out loud, and you are thinking about all the great ideas you have for your workday. The vibes are positive and life is great. Wow, that meditation really worked today.

Then out of nowhere, you hit a super traffic jam. It’s chaos. People are slamming on their brakes, cutting you off, and now you are running late. Within seconds you go from Buddha to Road Warrior. All the good vibes are quickly leaving your vicinity and the profanity starts coming out. Hands are being waved in the air and you are having a meltdown in the car.

This is not a good look at all and really not how we want to start our day or how we want to get home. What I have tried and tested that seems to work may seem a little silly but it’s the truth and it’s a stare in the mirror. When I find myself losing my shit in traffic I say things like “How dare you want to go somewhere when I do!” and “The nerve of you wanting to get on the freeway!” or “Really, you need to drive today? As if.” After saying things like this once or twice, I begin to chuckle and laugh at myself. Like “Really girl?”

We can’t control traffic and everyone is just trying to get somewhere just like I am. I am no one special and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. We share this place in space.

Now, of course, this is a theatrical version of what happens when we get into a traffic conundrum because ” I”never act a fool but just in case I do.

Sit back, enjoy the ride, and drive safely. Life is a highway!

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