Live to give

Service does the body good.

Me, me, me, and me….

This seems to be the world we leave in. We have been conditioned by society to serve ourselves. To lead a life that is every man for himself and may the best man win. This has proven to be disastrous, just look around you.

We as humans are very communal creatures and flourish best when we are serving others. It is in our nature to give and to love. Love is the highest vibration and the ultimate mantra for all creation.

It is no wonder why people are so angry and filled with so much confusion. Why we are sick with anxiety, angst, and stress. It is a scientific fact that all energy in the Universe including life is connected. Yes, we are all connected. So when we live in a world of division and separatism we are going against nature. Love is medicine for the mind, body, and spirit.

If we ignore the suffering of others, our spirit feels it. That is why you see many people get angry or talk down about the disparities of others. We are at odds with ourselves. It is not in our DNA to not serve others or to ignore pain and suffering. If we are all connected why would we ignore a part of ourselves?

That is what we are doing when we don’t live to give when we don’t connect with the vibrations of other beings. We are ignoring our interconnected spirits.

Love is everything. Love is giving selflessly and having compassion for others. It is our life’s journey to align ourselves with this force to be close to God. It is God. Serving others is our life’s work and without these acts of love, we will miserably fail at life.

The world is a school in which life is a lesson. The lesson of becoming one with all that is and in by doing so we express the highest form of love.

We must practice kindness, gratitude, and service of others daily. Service of others is intentionally setting out to be purposeful, relation-able, and resourceful for humanity. Giving to others is such a wonderful feeling and it is freeing. Freeing of the binds of society and becoming that of God. We are free to be our true selves.

To live the most joyous life we must to exude our highest power and live in service. We must be what we want to see in the world and we must start with ourselves.

How can you be of service to someone today?

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