May the force be with you

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I grew up a 70’s kids during the Star Wars era. It was an epic moment in time and that film was iconic in that it really stretched our imaginations into the unknown. It was also a classic story of the fight between good vs. evil. The Dark Side and the Jedi’s. The fight between right and wrong.

This was all very thought-provoking and mind-altering for me.

I grew up in a very religious and God-fearing family. Religion confused and frightened me. On one side I would hear that God is love and on the other side I heard he was a jealous God who punishes with great wrath. There was heaven and there was hell. The almighty and the Devil. This concept did not resonate with me, it didn’t make sense to me, and I felt there was a missing element. Something mystical and something we can’t really define.

Then came Star Wars. “May the FORCE be with you” Boom, the FORCE. Yes, yes, yes! That made so much sense to me. My whole mind opened up and expanded into the concept of our great Universe.

This immeasurable energy that is equally dark and light. That created all things and that we can harness with our own inner power.

This FORCE and the belief of an all-encompassing energy helped me understand spirituality. The FORCE in my mind is the all-knowing, the most high, the creator, Allah, Jehovah, Jah, and all the other names we have for God. It is the energy of all things and it’s what gives us life. It is also our inner power and we can harness it for good and for evil. This is also called karma. The energy we put out is what we give back. This FORCE is everything, it is every thought, it is every action, it is all of us, and collectively because each one of us is a part of it, we control it. We are connected to God, the FORCE.

Watching Star Wars as a child helped me understand the Universe and the energy FORCE that flows throw all things. It helped me understand that I can control this energy with focus, meditation, and will. I was that weird little kid that would wave my arms and hands around as if I could move the world.

I am still that weird little kid but older, crazier, and wiser. I practice using the FORCE for being a better being and praying for a better world.

Use the FORCE.

Every single one of us is connected to this great FORCE that we know as the Universe. We all have it in us to be Jedi’s and master this power for both good and evil. Which side will you choose and what will you do with it?

May the FORCE be with you…

(And also with you) 

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